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Here is a list of applications developed by Linkaas Azuvex, 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Learn how to protect your music online from major website, like taking down your pirated video on youtube to shutting down a blogger who post illegal music.

Mp4image ©

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Make beautiful gif image online, Its easy, turn your gallery into a motion picture with mp3 and share with your friends and followers.

Hip Hop Maniac ©

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Enjoy our free online puzzle game for South African Hip Hop lovers. Work your way up our scoreboard, with over thousand other users. Read OUR BLOG

Closeline ©

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Closeline is a finacial robot developed to help better predict the forex market for trader around africa.

SAHIPHOP247 Quiz ©

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Play our first online game that speaked the flame for linkaas, Use your keyboard to enter your word answer answer. Its our very own classic.

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